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In this short guide, we will show how to use PayHere payment gateway for Sri Lankan clients. PayHere is from the Bhasha company who brought a list of awesome services and applications such as Helakuru, Hasun, etc…
PayHere is a Sri Lanka focused payment gateway and supports almost all major Credit card services (Master, Visa, and American Express) with the added support of Mobile payment gateways such as ezCash and mCash. Finally, it also supports Sampath Online banking natively.
If you’re a client of eezpal, please follow this small guide on how to pay our service invoices with PayHere.
First, navigate to your client account and scroll down until you see the following screen.

PayHere invoice window at eezpal

Click on related invoice you’re going to pay, if you need to pay multiple invoices. Select “Pay All” button from the below.
This will open the eezpal invoice window. Now you can see that there are two options, “PayPal” and “PayHere”. Select PayHere from the dropdown box. Then proceed with clicking on the Pay button on the top right corner of the invoice.

eezpal Dedicated invoice window
It will open the following window. It shows few options to select from. If you’re holding a Credit card such as Master, Visa, Amex. Click on the related option to your card. Check the front of your card to see the provider of your card.

Payhere window
  1. Paying with Credit card
If you select any of the credit card providers, it will open a window to enter your credit card details. None of your credit card details are handled by eezpal. Check the green bar to make sure if you’re on the correct PayHere website. Enter your credit card informations and click on Pay.

PayHere using Master card

  1. Paying with mobile wallet
You can select either mCash if you’re using a Mobitel mCash service and ezCash will work on Dialog, Etisalat, and Hutch connections that with ezCash enabled.
Click on the type of your mobile wallet and it will redirect you to the mobile wallet payment page. Enter your mobile number and your authorization pin code. Click on pay to proceed.

Dialog PayHereMobitel Payher
  1. Using Sampath Vishwa online banking
Click on Sampath Vishwa option to use Sampath bank online banking service. It will direct you to the sampath bank vishwa platform. Login to your vishwa account and you can complete the payment.

PayHere with Sampath Bank
If you’re having any issue with paying our invoices with PayHere, call our hotline or submit a ticket with related department.

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