Web design Sri Lanka – What to consider before starting my web project

When we talk about the web design in our local market, majority of the companies tend to find an overseas company rather than going for a local one. If you’re a web developer or a designer, you may have faced this issue.  This is a common issue for the new-coming web designers in Sri Lanka. Actually it’s kind of crisis. Web design Sri Lanka ! You may find the topic bit odd but we wanted to talk about this so badly.

Let’s see how to overcome these problems and become success in web designing or development industry as an individual. We can move to company level on later but as a start, our team will show some of our greatest secrets in success. First of all we need to understand this is a large field of knowledge. Even our team can be considered as newcomers to the subject but the thing is even the web technology itself is fairly new. It hasn’t been around for like 100 years but a mere 20 years.

20 very powerful years !

As we’ve mentioned before. Web technologies are new but we have to be honest. They are more powerful than we imagine. There are zillions of web applications available for use and guess what ? They are cross-platform in most cases. If you’re thinking about writing a web application that matches for one platform. You sure miss a lots of potential customers.

If you’re new to the field. Don’t pursue money as your first goal. It will eventually follow you if you can produce a better and honest result with your skills. This is the first mistake that most newcomers to the field do. We like to consider as a sin of web design. If you’re getting paid from somebody, be honest with them. We’ve seen some new developers who gives away truck-load of promises for their clients,

Yes ! You can manage your company at ease by getting a personal website


Don’t promise if you cannot offer the outcome that he/she/they needs. It will affect your future in a bad way. Trust us. We’ve seen some good developers today who cannot find a project as a web designer in Sri Lanka due to promises. If you promise only what you could deliver, you’ll get recurring customers in high numbers.

Web design Sri Lanka – How to reach market ?

When it come to reaching the market. You can find various methods and skills to use. But there are few proven methods for us and we’ve discussed a bit about each of our developers personal history (yikes ! Don’t go into that chapter of the book) writer was able to find few interesting similarities in their way. It’s surely not a paved road but a very rough path to the success. Here we’ve listed them in brief,

  • Consider doing friends web sites for free. But always keep your limits.
  • If you’re really new to the field, you can try asking friends to find projects for you. A friendly treat will fetch you some nice keen projects.
  • Try to build few projects of your own. Yes ! Sparing your leisure time will grant you wishes more than a lamp genie.
  • Be creative and fresh. Don’t try to do the same design over and over. When we consider web design Sri Lanka (Odd word ! Isn’t it. We choose this as a branding to our post) you can find the same design in many web sites.
  • Avoid conning your client.
web design sri lanka
Hey ! I’m the designer spidy !!! Pick me as your friend. I won’t bite you.

More importantly, there are people who will try to abuse your skill. They will try to get your service for free and they’ll promise big things in return (Not recent ones but big) If you’re mature enough to face in to the market you can easily find these types of people. They’re like the cunning fox. In some cases it wasn’t even his/her own web site but a project that he got profit by selling it. Long story short. Avoid these types of people at all costs.

In future posts we will talk about technologies that may bring a smile to your face. But this was a post that should been written in years ago. So we’ve thought to write it and publish it. Feel free to discuss about the matters in this post in the comment section.

Also our project https://pyropay.com has been started again. We haven’t decided when to release it but there are few other projects are going on. Project bundle would be a nice present to web design Sri Lanka ™

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  1. When we talk about the web design in our local market, majority of the companies tend to find an overseas company rather than going for a local one. If you’re a web developer or a designer, you may have faced this issue.

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