VPS with limited discounts for our 3rd anniversary. Grab yours now.

When it comes to quality and cheap, eezpal always scores the best. As we’ve mentioned in our earlier posts. We will give huge discounts along with our 3rd anniversary.

But this time you’ll get something bit extra. You can select your VPS package as you need. No need to select packages that we offer but select what ever specifications that you like to have.

Packages starting from $6/mo  $4/mo with 5GB SATA 3.0 Enterprise Disks and 512MB RAM. Don’t forget the free IPv4.

You can up to 10GB of and 120GB of Enterprise Disk space. Monthly bandwidth can be ordered up to 500GB. You can also add 3 extra IP’s for your VPS. (Great for web developers)

We’ve also included KVM based templates for your easy use. Just spin up any server with our ready-made templates and in less than few minutes, you’re in the production. No need to wait until your installation to be finished. Also we add templates on customer requests.

Templates for you

You can also buy internal cPanel license for $15 $13.50

Only 15 servers will be given with this discount. After 15 servers, usual pricing will be appeared on the pages. Grab your high-speed custom VPS now !!!

Grab your VPS now.