#moving2016 – SMS notification for portal users

We know that it’s hard to login to our portal or your email to check certain notifications. And we’re here to make your life easier not hard. That’s why we’ve added a new awesome feature to our Portal.

You always carry your mobile phone around. It could be a Smart Phone or a one of the greatest phones ever walked on earth. Nokia 1100

It doesn’t matters when comes to SMS notifications. That’s why we’ve chooses to send SMS notifications for certain level of activities in our portal. It’s automated (Yeah, we do not type each and every SMS by hand. Sincerely !) and instant.

Whenever you pays an invoice or change your portal password, you’ll receive a SMS notification for your mobile number. And when we reply to your ticket, you’ll also get a SMS notification. It’s that simple.

You can enable it in two simple steps. Login to your portal account, hover on your profile image and click on “Edit account details”
Edit account detail - eezpal

Then click on ‘Enable SMS notification’ check box and you’re done.

Enable SMS notification - eezpal