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Do you need a personal website ? Must have thing in digital era.

We’re living in an era of digital life. Most of the services that you had to use real office now converted into online outlets. You can buy items, pay your bills, even earn a degree online. Possibilities are endless.

Do you know the Darwinism ? Survival of the fittest ! Are you able to fit in with this digital world. If your answer is yes. You can survive. But we don’t want you to fail. We’re here to help. Lets see how to build a personal website. (more…)

Dedicated vs VPS vs Reseller hosting – LET’S START YOUR OWN WEB HOSTING BUSINESS – PART 02

It’s been a while since the last post. I was down with fever last week and now let’s talk about how to start your own web hosting business. Today we’re going to talk about where to host it.

As part 01 mentioned. You need to have a proper capital to start your own web hosting service. You can run a company using your pocket-money but those kind of web hosting businesses called as summer hosts and you won’t get any real customers who are willing to pay in long-term. (more…)

Let’s start your own web hosting business – Part 01

When I was a kid and hosting on other companies, I had a dream to own a server. Later it became to owning a co-located rack and finally my passion has brought me a new target. Owning a data center. However, I had to work around the clock to make something to happen.

Starting your own web hosting company may seem like an easy task. But remember, to become a stable company in future. You should study beforehand starting your own web hosting company. (more…)

Green book landing page PSD template freebie

We’re starting our freebies giveaway. This is the first freebie from us. Green book landing page PSD template.

This PSD comes fully layered and named so you won’t get confused. Here is a screenshot of layer profile. (more…)

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