How to choose web design company that suits for me in 5 steps

With the success of your business, a friend suggest you to go for a website to reach more potential customers. Or you’ve a nice & cool idea that will earn you money in 1000’s but you need to select a good web design company to get your web design done. Not only the web design but we’ll talk about the effect on the web development too.

Each and every company eventually faces competition at some point. It could be today, tomorrow or 100 years from now on. But in web fighting, early bird always gets nice perks. For an example SEO and other rankings may come in handy. In the following years, mobile and other handheld devices has provided ability of getting more and more customers that around your local business and numbers are growing faster than we imagine.

But to compete at the correct ratio you need a content rich, correctly designed, and nicely built website for your company. By getting your own branded website done from a top web design company could be difficult since there are lots of firms to choose. Without further due, our team has compiled a comprehensive five check list guide to select the web design company that suits for your next project or your company.

1) Analyze your need on your own

Choose your web hosting company check listFirst step to work on is analyzing what type of web solution that you’re seeking to get done. If you can find the list of requirements, list them in a document and order them on your own weighting. Some will consider this as a web design company job. Yes ! Usually each well structured web development or web design company would prepare you with a detailed project analyzing report. But by preparing what you need list, you can point out any missing parts before the development begins. You can decrease your cost by cutting out parts that you wouldn’t need.

There are no rule as everything should included. In most cases we met web designs which has all the possible widgets you can find on the land of the WWW. Clocks, various types. Analogue and Digital. Sliders with enhanced  cool image types such as bitmaps. Also by analyzing your need you can get to know what type of website that you need. It could be a e-commerce web site which sells diamonds. Or could be a company website, company portfolio and etc… Possibilities are endless for the WWW.

If you’re starting a total new brand, you may need branding solution too. In rare cases web development company provides (packaged with total solutions) branding that you need. It’s always better to fetch that little hand guide comes with your logo design for future need.

2) Are they capable of doing this ?

beauty-and-the-beastFalse promise hurts everyone ! If you’re selected company is giving false promises, you must select another brand as your web design company. We’ve noticed some web development companies fake clients by showing that the site was developed in PHP just by renaming the .html extension to .php

Scamming shows a bad indicator when selecting your web design company. Evaluate how good they’re at their tasks. What kind of project analyzing is done. How they’re going to manage the project. (We use our development portal to write down the progress of the project)

You can ask for the project first analyze before selecting the company.

3) Do they value your website content as you are ?



It doesn’t matter if the website is old unless the content is properly maintained. If you’re building your website with a fresh start, check if they offer content or they’re into collaborative writing with your company. It’s a fact that the first thing that visitor sees is your design and images. But remember search engine doesn’t see your web site design at all. No matter how good your web design in, in most CSS parts will get kicked from google, bing, and/or yahoo spiders and they’ll fetch your content.

Be sure to include quality original content to your website or if the web design company is doing it for you. Check the quality and proofread your website content by your self. You’re the person who knows more than anyone about your company. So you’re the best and most accurate proof reader that you could find in the world.

Even though you haven’t thought about it before. Even if your content is good, still the design should be built under proper UX aspects which enables bounce ratio of your website. If your content isn’t clean & clear. Visitor will just close your website and won’t even open it even after your quality design improvement. In web design world chances are worth than anything. That is the reason you should seek the first page of google with your keyword search.

Good and well-balanced web design company would surely deliver you with a fine quality SEO friendly web design that worth your time at the first shot.

4) Does your web design company cares about your opinion

web design company - be realistic with it

You’re the one who pays them. Not the other way around. Usually we keep constant communication with the client and we get on-the-fly feedback from the customer about our design. As a customer you should be able to get the web site that you need, not the company provides. Majority of the company tries to up sell unwanted functions for the customer. But you should be able to say “NO” to each additional item that comes without a description. But if it does comes with a description, check if the function that they’re suggesting is valuable for your budget.

This doesn’t mean that you should be so strict on your design since they can also suggest you few extra items that would enable the largest outcome of your website. Imagine if you’re developing a small website from a company and they suggest you to add a on site analytic board for free. This is a good function since you can understand your website performance on your dashboard of the website.

But if you’re running a personal website and they suggest you to add a chat box ! Now that should be considered twice before signing the agreement. Also clear out all the doubtful conditions on their agreement.

5) Realistic budget from web design company



A quality design costs. But it should be under your pay grade. Yourself would find this as the most important fact of all five facts. But this shouldn’t be considered as a prioritized fact over other four facts since other four facts would find you a matching web design company with a good affordable budget. In general terms there is a myth that ‘cheap web design company’ is equal to bad design. But it isn’t. We’ve met very bad non responsive static page websites that were sold out for $$$$

If you’re willing to spend a reasonable amount of money, you can easily match with your selected web design company budget since you’ve selected the most suitable one as your top web development company.

But when considering budget, be aware that some companies would push you with unrealistic budget ranges under few hundred dollars. Always check their trust score in the market before handing your website.


There are many things that you should consider before selecting your web design company. But by putting your muscle on the work and after few steps you can find the top quality web design company for your web design project. If you think our company is good enough for your web design project or if you need to discuss about your next web site for your most awesome company, feel free to drop us an email to dev(at)eezpal{dot}com or you can reach our hotline at +94-76-54-64-998

We’re always here to help with producing the best outcome to yourself. Our company uses latest project management technologies and we use the most modern technologies for our projects. Our codes are clean and they can be adepted by any developer for future development.

Did I mentioned about out Freebie pack ?

Yes ! Our web design packages comes with various freebies such as free domains, free hosting space, free SSL, free SEO and so on. It would take another whole paragraph to list them. And not to forget you can get your quotation for the best price in the world. Which also translated as Free !

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  1. Each and every company eventually faces competition at some point. It could be today, tomorrow or 100 years from now on. But in web fighting, early bird always gets nice perks.

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