*Free Hosting* – *Free SSL* – Introducing our all new Me-My-Page personal range web hosting solution.

It’s been always a headache to build up your own website and keep it updated all the time. Why not offloading all your work to a professional company while you sit back and relax.

We’re happy to introduce our whole new personal range service. Now you can get a personal range service from a mass level solution provider for the price that won’t drain your pocket. Hosting, SSL, E-Mail setup and Web designing. All from a one place, one provider. It’s cheaper than you think.

Cheaper than you can possibly imagine + free hosting & free ssl certificate.

You may ask how much. Well that’s vary but our smallest package starts at $50 /per head. You can send us with your exclusive list of requirements and our specialized team will tailor you the best deal you could find. Did we said *Free Hosting* + *Free SSL*. Yes !

All these plans includes free hosting and SSL and you can buy your domain at a discounted price. Why spend more when you can get all the things you need at a cheaper price than you can possibly imagine.

Each plan will follow these framework.

  1. Domain Name – $ vary/yr
  2. SSL certificate – Free/yr
  3. Web hosting – Free/yr
  4. 4 page web designing – Starting from $50
  5. Free support up-to 3 months

Alongside with our ¬†upcoming anniversary, we choose to introduce our enterprise level service to our commercial level customers. We believe you’re our strength. You’ve helped us to reach this level. It’s time to pay you with our gratitude.

Open a ticket in our awesome support (Click here to send your ticket) or email us dev{at}eezpal[dot]com. We will tailor your package in no time.


*Fine print
**Usage of premium domains is acceptable, but not encouraged.
**Free SSL issued via Comodo Positive SSL or Global sign Alpha SSL.
**Free hosting includes 1GB hosting space, 50GB monthly bandwidth. (Free upgrade to 200GB)
**Additional featured can be added by contacting us.
**Accounts are limited to 3 email addresses.
**eezpal reserves the right to amend any or all the above policies.