7 Crazy tips to improve your SEO ranking : Part 01

Google keeps improving their search engine algorithm day by day. Good news for genuine content creators and bad news for copy machines. But yet, original content creators have to compete with other folks who generate original content as well.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to write and optimize your SEO friendly blog post to increase the visibility over the internet. Following 7 professional tips are followed by the masters of SEO and its good to study and understand the basics of these SEO ranking tips for yourself as well.

When it comes to Search engine algorithm updates, google holds the record. They usually change or update their SEO ranking system once a year. Latest google update as ‘Google Panda’ and as Google spokesperson has mentioned, it only affects to 3% of the queries total. But that 3% is a large number in quantities. It may or can include your page and will affect your SEO ranking too. Let’s discuss how to optimize your SEO ranking using white hat methods and not to get penalized by Google.

01. Think on readers view, not your perspective.

Thinking on readers perspective : SEO ranking

While you write, stop writing and check the post again. Can your reader understand the message that your company or yourself trying to pass ? If not, you’ll have to change the pattern of your writing. Key factor of SEO isn’t quantity but quality. Quality plays the major role when it comes to SEO ranking. Since the Panda update of Google, the search engine algorithm is more keen to remove blogs and web articles with high-volume content that with lower quality.

Imagine running a web service without quality blog content. It’s bit harder to get on the SEO ranking train. But if your web service comes with a blog that publishes quality content, you can get on board. If you’ve posts with lower quality content, deleting them would give you better SEO ranking than keeping them online. You can generate quality content or hire few good writers to write posts on behalf of you. But remember don’t hire $5 content writers from Fiverr. Most of the time they’re using content re-writers and uses a cheapo service to check the duplicate content which fails every time. But remember google isn’t a cheapo duplicate content checker. So there’s a certain risk with this process.

02. Don’t write an empty house.

SEO ranking : don't write empty house

It’ll take time to write a good quality post. Who cares ? huh ! Actually they cares. Each and every users needs to read a quality content or they won’t return to your website after the first time. It’s a proven fact that the quality and lengthy content attracts users. We’ve conducted few tests and found out Sri Lankans do like to read content around 800-1’000 words. But while it gets longer, higher chance of pushing them away from your web site content.

In your posts, use matching images to emphasis your idea. You can either create your own graphics or you can buy images from online image stores. We’ve observed that one online image store does operates in Sri Lanka. But we couldn’t give any guarantee about the so no link yet. But there are few good international based online image stores. Only problem is image prices can vary from few dollars to thousands. Don’t just google a matching term and add it to your website because you’ve high chance of getting penalized by google.

03. Don’t follow keyword, let keywords follow you.

SEO ranking : Don't be enslaved to keywords

Most writers do like to follow keywords. Sometimes they limit their imagination because of the keyword analyze. It’s such a waste of talents. When you’re planning to write a post, first write it and then think about the keywords. If your post has a reading value. It will make your own keywords. And remember long tail keywords and low competition keywords always do works.

When you’re researching for the correct keyword, you’ll eventually find short keywords like ‘hot news’ with a large quantity of competition. When it comes to the keyword competition, it’s bit hard to compete with existing content unless you’re writing something crazy and offers large chunks of information. But it’s not an option always. So our suggestion is to find a low competitive keyword (not one, but few) and combine them in your content. It will direct traffic to your website in a proper way.

In the next post, we’ll discuss how to get more hits using advertising platforms.