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#moving2016 – SMS notification for portal users

We know that it’s hard to login to our portal or your email to check certain notifications. And we’re here to make your life easier not hard. That’s why we’ve added a new awesome feature to our Portal.

You always carry your mobile phone around. It could be a Smart Phone or a one of the greatest phones ever walked on earth. Nokia 1100 (more…)

It’s time to explore the Hacker inside you !


Hacking, particularly considered as bad practice. But once a good man says “It’s not the term, it’s the practice that make things Good or Bad” (Disclaimer; Not a just made proverb) But what if you could hack for good and earn prizes at the same time.

Well, this is your chance to step-up and hack things. Sri Lankan HackerRank Team (A website that builds hacking into learning) is organizing “SL Hack v 1.0” (more…)

A/B testing for your website. Improve visitor interaction with your content.

A/B testing is one of the modern method of evaluating the performance of a layout and compare it with another layout. A/B testing also called as ‘Split testing’. Lots of internet marketers are using this proven method as one of their secret weapon. At the base, we generate two distinct layout and put them online using randomized script. Then script will show chosen layout to visitors. Using A/B testing, you could easily increase your website conversation rate. (more…)

Facebook Dislike button, Will it break the eco-system ?

Facebook is an everyday website for the most of our current society. Some spends hours and hours chatting and poking around on Facebook. The system is so addictive and it’s also a very powerful marketing tool (We’ll talk about the marketing with Facebook on a future post, meanwhile check our SEO ranking post)

Many users were willing to have a Facebook Dislike button for the system ! Even we’ve observed petitions on Change.org (A website that you could open a petition online and sign it) enforcing Facebook to add a Facebook Dislike button. (more…)

7 Crazy tips to improve your SEO ranking : Part 01

Google keeps improving their search engine algorithm day by day. Good news for genuine content creators and bad news for copy machines. But yet, original content creators have to compete with other folks who generate original content as well.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to write and optimize your SEO friendly blog post to increase the visibility over the internet. Following 7 professional tips are followed by the masters of SEO and its good to study and understand the basics of these SEO ranking tips for yourself as well.

When it comes to Search engine algorithm updates, google holds the record. They usually change or update their SEO ranking system once a year. Latest google update as ‘Google Panda’ and as Google spokesperson has mentioned, it only affects to 3% of the queries total. But that 3% is a large number in quantities. It may or can include your page and will affect your SEO ranking too. (more…)

How to install VestaCP – Free Linux control panel

VestaCP is a very simple, yet powerful and effective Linux web hosting control panel. By default it will install nginX web server, PHP, Mysql, DNS server and other must need software to run a complete web server.

This control panel can be installed on RHEL 5 & 6, CentOS 5 & 6, Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 and Debian 7.

Due to the vast range of supported operating systems, this panel is very popular among startup web developers and system admins also.

Get to know about VestaCP

VestaCP is a complete solution for a client who seeks a bundled free solution to be installed on their VPS or Dedicated server. Most of the free panels such as Z-Panel aren’t up to date and most of the known security holes are still open while VestaCP runs a active development on their product.

Also you can order a support package from them if you’re not familiar with server maintenance. Their interface is really unique to them. VestaCP uses modern Material adaptation on their control panel skin and users also can use themes to update their own branding to the VestaCP. (more…)

How to choose web design company that suits for me in 5 steps

With the success of your business, a friend suggest you to go for a website to reach more potential customers. Or you’ve a nice & cool idea that will earn you money in 1000’s but you need to select a good web design company to get your web design done. Not only the web design but we’ll talk about the effect on the web development too.

Each and every company eventually faces competition at some point. It could be today, tomorrow or 100 years from now on. But in web fighting, early bird always gets nice perks. For an example SEO and other rankings may come in handy. In the following years, mobile and other handheld devices has provided ability of getting more and more customers that around your local business and numbers are growing faster than we imagine.

But to compete at the correct ratio you need a content rich, correctly designed, and nicely built website for your company. By getting your own branded website done from a top web design company could be difficult since there are lots of firms to choose. Without further due, our team has compiled a comprehensive five check list guide to select the web design company that suits for your next project or your company. (more…)

Web design Sri Lanka – What to consider before starting my web project

When we talk about the web design in our local market, majority of the companies tend to find an overseas company rather than going for a local one. If you’re a web developer or a designer, you may have faced this issue.  This is a common issue for the new-coming web designers in Sri Lanka. Actually it’s kind of crisis. Web design Sri Lanka ! You may find the topic bit odd but we wanted to talk about this so badly.

Let’s see how to overcome these problems and become success in web designing or development industry as an individual. We can move to company level on later but as a start, our team will show some of our greatest secrets in success. First of all we need to understand this is a large field of knowledge. Even our team can be considered as newcomers to the subject but the thing is even the web technology itself is fairly new. It hasn’t been around for like 100 years but a mere 20 years. (more…)

VPS with limited discounts for our 3rd anniversary. Grab yours now.

When it comes to quality and cheap, eezpal always scores the best. As we’ve mentioned in our earlier posts. We will give huge discounts along with our 3rd anniversary.

But this time you’ll get something bit extra. You can select your VPS package as you need. No need to select packages that we offer but select what ever specifications that you like to have.

Packages starting from $6/mo  $4/mo with 5GB SATA 3.0 Enterprise Disks and 512MB RAM. Don’t forget the free IPv4.

You can up to 10GB of and 120GB of Enterprise Disk space. Monthly bandwidth can be ordered up to 500GB. You can also add 3 extra IP’s for your VPS. (Great for web developers)

We’ve also included KVM based templates for your easy use. Just spin up any server with our ready-made templates and in less than few minutes, you’re in the production. No need to wait until your installation to be finished. Also we add templates on customer requests.

Templates for you

You can also buy internal cPanel license for $15 $13.50

Only 15 servers will be given with this discount. After 15 servers, usual pricing will be appeared on the pages. Grab your high-speed custom VPS now !!!

Grab your VPS now. 

*Free Hosting* – *Free SSL* – Introducing our all new Me-My-Page personal range web hosting solution.

It’s been always a headache to build up your own website and keep it updated all the time. Why not offloading all your work to a professional company while you sit back and relax.

We’re happy to introduce our whole new personal range service. Now you can get a personal range service from a mass level solution provider for the price that won’t drain your pocket. Hosting, SSL, E-Mail setup and Web designing. All from a one place, one provider. It’s cheaper than you think. (more…)